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    Force Meter, Isolation Connect Pipe

    Force Meter, Isolation Connect Pipe

        1.Guard against theft: After the force meter is taken apart, the measured medium(such as oil, liquefied gas, water etc) isn't fundamentally flow out, although the one-time valve is wholeope, It make the damage down to the lowest.
        2. Isolation: When the measured medium is the matter that is easy to freeze, pour the isolation liquid (such as glycerine, antifreezer) into the connecting tube to insolate the measured medium and force meter from freezing. At this time, the Force Meter Damp, Isolation Connecting Pipe tube as an isolation vat, but it has low price and excellent function.
        3. Damp: It can extend the using life of the pressure meter because the special structure of the tube can reduce the puncture from violent valve of the measured pressure.
        4. If the one-time valve can't be closed, we can change the force meter with pressure, to checkout technology the course is very advantageous.

        Using scope
        1. Pressure:Between low pressure 0.3~9.0MPa and high pressure 10.0~20.0MPa.
        2. Temperature: Environmental temperature can be -40℃~+180℃. It has suitable scope if you choose suitable isolation liquid.
        3. Medium: It is suitable for normal medium in oil, chemical industry, oil field etc trade. The material of this tube is 1Cr18Ni9Ti. You give a material demand for the special corrasion medium.
        4. Isolation liquid: Choose suitable isolation according to environmental temperature and the features of the measured medium. If the measured medium is water, it can be directly used in normal temperature. In the environment of below zero, we should choose glycerine, alcohol etc. Antifreezing medium as isolation liquid to stop from freezing the force meter.

       This force meter connect pipe can instead of active isolation vat and curved pipe. But it must be vertical to the ground.
        This connecting pipe is suitable for present all kinds of elbows, the customers only give connecting type and specification.
        We can provide present measurement and installation.

    Force Meter Damp, Isolation Connect Pipe
    The structure sketch map
    The structure sketch map
    The installation sketch map
    The installation sketch map

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